Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Most Overrated NBA Teams

Every year, there are certain teams whose record looks better than they actually are. Teams that fall apart in the end after possibly a great season. Happens all the time. Here are my teams that I believe are playing better right now than their records show.

1. Denver Nuggets: The Nugs are filled with me first players, plus two superstars. They have a very good record right now (26-16), but have beaten up on the weaker opponents in their division going 4-0 against Minnesota and 1-0 against Seattle. Two shoot first superstars on the same team can be a tough match, but AI and Melo have done an admirable job of working together. However, I don't think they play enough defense to get deep into the playoffs and are a ticking timebomb. AI can snap at any moment and JR Smith is a budding headcase himself. Even Melo can get pissy from time to time. Love George Karl, but i just don't see the Nuggets getting far.

2. Boston Celtics: Here me out. 34-7 is an amazing record for 42 games into the season. From now on, teams all over will be gunning for them because they are the new force in the NBA. Every team will get up for this challenege because everyone wants to beat the so called best. Don't get me wrong, they are a great team, just not as amazing as the record indicated. They still have a young point guard and center and a shky bench as well. Brian Scalabrine should not even be in YMCA Rec leagues for christ sake. They can make a run at the title with this team, they are just overrated right now.

3. San Antonio Spurs: I might be crazy for saying this, but this year will be different. They are getting old, with their bench the equivalent of a bingo hall on a tuesday night. Duncan, Parker, and Ginobili have been beat up all year and now the West is as good as ever. I see an uphill battle for this team. They are overrated because everyone believes that they will show up huge and make another run. This year, I just do not see it. Too old.

4. Miami Heat: Yes they are overrated. I think they are far worse than their record indicated. Shaq is virtually washed up on this team (he may be better suited in another role somewhere else). D-Wade can't do it all himself. With Ricky Davis and wash ups like him, the Heat could actually be worse then their record says. This team is a one D-Wade injury away from never winning again. Pat Riley should quit like I know he wants to because this won't be getting any better. Do yourself a favor and hang it up Riles.

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